Welcome to MDKG College

                        Rules And Discipline


  • A student needs to attend minimum 75% of classes during an academic session failing to do so she may be penalised and not to be considered to sit as a regular candidate.


  • Plain White Salwar and knee length Kameeze with orange Dupatta / White Sarees with orange boarder/White Chadar with orange boarder and muga or paat mekhela, orange blouse and black cardigan.

  •  Wearing of college identity card is mandatory inside the college campus.


  •  A Student admitted to this college must abide by all rules and regulations laid down by the college authority. Violation of rules, irregular attendance , showing discourtesy to teachers in any form , adopting unfair means in examinations will be treated as serious offence. Activities such as initiation of ragging which lower human dignity, use of vulgar restoring to violence in any form is strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of such activities will be  suspended or expelled from college.

  •  Use of mobile phone inside the college campus is strictly prohibited and the college authority will not entertain any complaint regarding loss of mobiles or other valuables.

  •  A Disciplinary committee comprising of teachers and students selected from among the members of students will look after the maintenance of discipline of the campus.After admission, the students must fill up online Anti-ragging form by clicking the web link given below and must submit a downloaded copy of the same to the college without fail.