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Chairperson:    Principal
Secretary:           Jadav Jyoti Saikia, Librarian
Members:           Dr Moutusi Bagchi, Co-ordinator, IQAC
                                 Prof.Aniruddha Dutta
                                 Prof. Manisha Rudra Tariang
                                 Dr Purnima Saikia
                                 Student Member 3
(Magazine Secretary; one from Arts Stream & one from Science Stream)

The main objectives of the committee is -
• To formulate and implement various policies , rules and regulations etc.
• To guide library acquisition and procurement
• To ensure better and optimal use of library resources, services and facilities

The Library committee is entrusted with the responsibilities to examine, inspect and evaluate the library services and facilities. Usually there are two sittings of the committee in a year to discuss various issues relating to overall library management and other issues. Some of the prominent agenda that  brought by the committee are , from 2011onwards --

As per innovative idea of the librarian and the advisory committee, special orientation programme(information Literacy Programme) on how to use library and its facilities  is held at the beginning of each new session.

Initiation of Internet access centre, MDKG Corner.

Book Exhibition  is held every year at the initiative of the librarian.

Display of rarely and unused books and eventually weeding out.

A  Book  Club  has been initiated in 2016 by the library committee to  inculcate reading  habit among the students.

Establishing an Institutional Repository and implementation of a digital library is to be materialized  in near future.

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