Manohari Devi Kanoi Girls' College
Affiliated to Dibrugarh University
Pracya Sanskrit
ESTD-1963 NAAC Peer Team Visit on 24th & 25th Sept, 2018
Chairperson:    Vice Principal
Co-ordinator:   Prof. Ratna Dutta
Members:         Prof.  Moon Moon Sharma
                        Prof. M.R.Tariang
                        Dr Rupali Mazumdar
                        Dr Anita Sarmah
                        Dr Phirmi Bodo

                                                                                A Profile

Gender Sensitisation involves creating awareness about gender issues and working towards and creating an enabling environment of gender justice where men and women can work together with a sense of personal security and dignity. The aims & objectives of the cell  are:

• To create awareness gender sensitisation and awareness generation among students, faculty and non-teaching staff through lectures, seminars, talks, workshops, debates, showing films and documentaries etc.
• To facilitate a gender - sensitive environment enabling women and men to maximize their potential.
• To create  a forum for open dialogue and discussion on gender issues.
• To deal with cases of sexual / psychological/emotional/physical harassment as per the capability of the college as an academic institution.

Complaints Mechanism
Grievance box has been installed in the college building for assisting the  students  to  easily  communicate  their  complaints  to  the  proper  authority  for redressal.
Various awareness programmes are organised such as

(a) A talk on ‘ Gender based problems and solutions: Towards Gender Equity’   delivered by Dr. Aparna Mahanta, former Head of the Department of English and former co-ordinator of the Womens’ Studies Centre, Dibrugarh University 2nd August 2014

(b) An Interactive programme on Aspects of Sexual Harassment Protection and Prevention on 13th February, 2016.  Resource  Person was Rajeeb Baruah, member, South East Asia’s Anti Human Trafficking Unit.

(c) Interactive Programme on Women and Superstition on 30th October, 2015. Dr. Hemchandra Kalita, renowned cardiologist of Assam Medical College, the president of ElloraBijnanMancha (NGO) was the keynote speaker.

(d) Talk on Socio-political Perspective of Gender Sensitivity on 31st August, 2017. Resource person was Dr Barun Dey, Dept of Political Science, Dibrugarh University.

(e) Workshop on Para Legal Matters  was organised in association with Alumni Association on 19th September. Sri A. Baruah, Senior Advocate , Dibrugarh Bar Association was the Resource person.

(f) A triennial  Wall Journal (UDDIPANA) is released as a continuous process to make the students aware.
Orientation Programme on Gender issues, GSSH , Aparna Mahanta
UDDIPANA- the Wall Magazine brought out by GSSH Cell
Awareness programme on Aspects of Sexual Harassment: Protection and Prevention
Orientation programme on Gender Sensitivity,2017
Workshop on Para Legal Matters , 19th Sept,2017
Proceedings of Gender Sensitisation & Sexual Harassment Cell
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