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About the department:
The department of education was established in the year 1963. The department offers Major and General courses in Education. The department has four teaching staff. All the faculty of the department is involved in teaching-learning of multi-disciplinary course. In addition to college library, the department has its own library with a collection of more than 300 books, which are easily accessible to the students. The department has a small laboratory for practical purposes. The department has a student-teacher ratio of 1:30 for Major course and 1:180 for General course.

Strength of the department:
Regular classes are well-carried out for the students in Major and Pass course.
2. Active interaction during and beyond class-room teaching.
3. Departmental Counseling is provided both by teachers and experts as and when    necessary.

Future plan of the department:
1. Introducing allied courses on education subjected to permission and other formalities from the relevant authority
2. Installation of micro teaching lab and apparatus for recording the classes of micro teaching.

Name: Dr. Indrani Sengupta
Qualification: M.A.,PHD
Designation: Assistant Professor and HOD
Name: Malina Basumatary Qualification: M.A. Designation: Assistant Professor
Name: Abilupta Padmanathan Gohain
Qualification: M.A.
Designation: Assistant Professor
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