The college has a well stocked computerized library with a wide variety of books, text books, reference materials, magazines, news papers, maps etc. Various national and international Journals are available to meet the needs of the students. Photocopying (Xerox) facility is also made available at a nominal rate. Moreover there is a highly dedicated staff for support. Most importantly the library can be used throughout the week during college hours. Computer and internet facilities are also made available. The library is also equipped with Broad Band Internet Service with Three Computers provide uninterrupted information technology.
Head Numbers   
General Books              23621
Text Books        3600
Reference Books            1586
Subscribed Journals           08
Subscribed Magazines       08
Subscribed News Papers                                   06
Maps 08
CDs & DVDs                     35
Back Volume Journals      338
Book Bank                     1279
Computers 09
Xerox Machine                    01
Services :
The college has provided following services
(i)       Book Circulation
(ii)     Reservation of Books
(iii)    Reading Facilities for Books, Journals and Newspapers
(iv)    Over Night and On Site Issue Facility
(v)     Reference Services
(vi)    Reprography Service
(vii)  Online Public Access Catalogue, OPAC Service
(viii) Newspaper Clipping Service
(ix)    Internet Access Facility
(x)     Book Bank Facility
(xi)    Orientation Programme
Special Collections :
In addition to these, the library has some distinct collections; i.e.
(i)    North East Collection
(ii)   Women Studies Section
(iii)  Gandhian Studies Section
(iv)  Performing Arts Section
(v)   MDKG Corner
(vi)  Dr. Vaijyanta Kumar Dutta Collection
(vii) Dr. Swagata Dowerah Bhuyan Collection
Library Automation :
Library has automated its various services using the software like SOUL2.0, received from INFLIBNET. Cataloguing and Circulation services are fully automated. OPAC facility is available to search the library’s holdings. The process of Bar Coding of books is also going on. Library has nine computers, out of which fives are used to access internet, one is dedicatedly used for OPAC service and remaining threes are used to perform in-house activities. All the computers are interlinked with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Future Plan :
The library has planned to establish Institutional Repository in digital form which will incorporate all the intellectual and creative output of our institution. The main purpose of Institutional Repository is to bring together, preserve and disseminate the intellectual output created by faculty members, students and other staff members and it will incorporates the seminar papers, theses, scholarly articles, presentation, images, teaching materials, administrative documents etc
4. Sanjib Dutta
Library Bearer
8th Standard
DoJ: 15-11-1990

5. Bishu Dey   
Library Bearer
8th Standard

6.  Junmoni Gogoi
Care Taker, Property Counter
1.  Jadavjyoti Saikia
MLISC, M. Phil   
DoJ: 05-01-2009

2.  A. Sharma Chowdhury
Library Assistant
DoJ: 17-05-2002

3.  Pallabi Das
Library Assistant
Library Staffs of MDKG College
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