MDKG College offers the following programmes:

Two Year Higher Secondary (Arts) Programme
Six Semester B.A./ B.Sc. Programme

Two Year Higher Secondary (Arts) Programme

1. General  English is compulsory
2. Modern Indian Languages: Assamese/ Bengali/ Hindi/. A student may opt for a Modern Indian Language or Alternative English.
3.A students can select a maximum of four subjects, there of them are compulsory while the fourth is additional.

(1) Advanced Assamese/ Advance Bengali/ Sanskrit.
(2) Economics,
(3) Education
(4) Geography,
(5) History,
(6) Home Science,
(7) Logic & Philosophy,
(8) Mathematics,
(9) Political Science,
(10) Sociology

4.Certificate course on 3 month Computer Application Certificate is compulsory for all the students.


As per prescribed syllabus of AHSEC, every student opting for Arts in higher secondary will:

•Comprehend the diverse concerns of the course.
•Develop the basic premises of courses concerned.
•Acquire a reasonable degree of proficiency needed for higher studies.
•Build up their language base for communication.
•Relate to the current issues of respective courses.
•Accelerate personal growth and develop qualities of good citizenship.
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